Ana Sofia P. S. Reboleira

graus académicos

2018 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 PhD in Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal
2007 MSc in Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, University of Aveiro, Portugal
2006 BSc in Biology, University of Aveiro, Portugal

interesses de investigação

I am interested in understanding life in subterranean ecosystems. My research group focuses on different aspects of taxonomics, ecology, ecotoxicology, physiology, parasitism and conservation. We work from the shallow subterranean habitats to the deep subsurface biosphere and its relation with surface. My research interest spans also in understanding parasite-host interactions, mostly linked with arthropod-fungi associations. Curating entomological collections, outreach and science communication is also an interesting part of my work.



Estágio: Maria Gomes
Master: Cláudia Duarte
PhD: Rita Pereira Eusébio
Post-doc: Kasun Bodawatta
Master: Maria João Medina
Post-doc: Andrea Castaño Sánchez
Post-doc: Nynne Ravn
Post-doc: Michele Gottardi
Master: Rita Pereira Eusébio
Estágio Curricular: Amalia Bogri
Estagio Curricular: Tristan Leo Rintoull
Bachelor Project: Tristan Leo Rintoull
Bachelor Project: Katrine Majgaard Jensen
Erasmus Internship: Rita Pereira Eusébio
PhD: Andrea Castaño Sanchez
Estágio (1ºciclo Biologia): Telma Veloso
Pesquisa: Guilherme Jeremias
Pesquisa: Sandra Esteves
Estágio Curricular: Nicholas Palm
Estágio Curricular: Christina Brylov Henriksen
Estágio Curricular: Sandra Esteves
Master: Ana Marques